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General Information

American Association of Debt Management Organizations


AADMO is the credit counseling and debt management industry’s largest trade association with nearly 150 members nationwide. It is an industry education and advocacy organization whose mission is to promote and ensure the continued operation and viability of credit counseling and debt management organizations. AADMO provides its members and the consumer public with information about the credit and debt counseling industry. AADMO members are debt management organizations, consumer counselors, personal finance educators, credit and debt information publishers, debt pooling organizations, debt negotiators, debt adjusters, credit counselors, consumer lawyers and many others.

AADMO: Your Source of Information, Education, and News
AADMO provides timely and important information to members through our newsletter and other publications that tell about the latest developments in sales & marketing, training, economic trends, technology, accounting, legislation, and the topics that impact your organization and its daily operations.

The information that you receive from AADMO is the most up to date information available to help boost your bottom line. Our newsletter gives you important and timely information on what’s happening with creditors, the IRS treatment of non-profits, FTC, small business regulation, credit reporting, the states, consumer credit protection laws and debt collection practices.

“Your Fair Share”, the AADMO newsletter, gives you information about the most important marketing and advertising techniques, growing your organization, customer benefits, changes and advancements in technology, and strategic analyses of the issues that are most important to your bottom line.

State Law Guide
The AADMO State Law Guide is a summary of the laws and regulations relating to debt management in every applicable state. The State Law Guide provides you with information at your fingertips about legal citations, where to find your law, the type of law, licensing requirements, trust account requirements, related laws, non profit exemptions, record retention, restrictions, penalties for compliance and other relevant information.

While the AADMO State Law Guide is a handy reference tool, it is not legal advice and may or may not have the latest changes to your state’s law, statute, regulation or court decisions. If you seek legal advice, you should discuss your specific operations with a lawyer or other qualified legal professional.

Government Affairs
AADMO provides a proactive government affairs and advocacy program that promotes laws, regulations and policies favorable to the debt management industry and our members. Our process of actively monitoring policy initiatives allows us to respond to legislative and regulatory proposals adverse to the interests of our members and the industry.

The center point of our government affairs program is active involvement by our members. The AADMO grassroots network helps to take an active role in the development and formulation of policies that protect the functioning of the debt management industry, the consumers the industry serves and the strong economic foundation of our nation.

AADMO Hotline
If you’ve ever had a question about the problems faced everyday in the debt management industry but didn’t know who to ask – now you do. The AADMO Hotline is your way to ask your question and have it sent via e-mail to all AADMO members for their review.

The AADMO Hotline is anonymous and everyone shares in the answer(s). The question is sent by AADMO and all responses are received by AADMO. We then consolidate all the responses without disclosing the origin of the question or the answers and send them in a single e-mail to the organization that posed the question and to all AADMO members.

Due to antitrust and other laws, questions must not be about pricing or other competitive information. AADMO reserves the right to reject any question to the AADMO Hotline if it is deemed objectionable, inappropriate, or anti-competitive.

Industry Education
Knowledge is the key to success. As an AADMO member you can network with colleagues, key industry contacts, consultants and suppliers from across the nation to develop growth-oriented action plans, gain market research, benefit from product promotion, strategic planning, and technical services. CLICK HERE to view industry vendors.

In addition to AADMO’s conferences, conventions and exhibit programs, you and your organization can also participate in comprehensive training programs incorporating videos, manuals, and other state-of-the-art training aids. CLICK HERE to view conference scheduling.

Public Education
AADMO is at the forefront of the management and administration of programs to create a favorable public understanding of the credit and debt counseling through economic studies, technical papers, industry statistics, educational programs, legal analyses, public relations campaigns, and public affairs.

Public Affairs
AADMO works to promote the public education and consumer awareness of the credit and debt counseling industry through gathering and publishing statistics, media alerts, consumer brochures, customer newsletters, educational campaigns, technical papers and proactive media relations.

Disclaimers and Notices
AADMO does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability for any problems due to usage of this publication, or any problems due to errors or omissions in this publication.

This publication is not a substitute for legal advice nor an endorsement of any individual, company, program or organization referenced herein directly or by internet link.