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Industry Vendors

invenIf you are interested in any of the services or information provided by any of these AADMO members, link directly to them by clicking on either the logo or the Organization name.

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Alpha Surety & Insurance Brokerage

Alpha Surety & Insurance Brokerage provides any type of surety bond in a fast, simple manner and is licensed in all 50 states. We understand the complexities of surety and make the process easy for you while negotiating the best possible prices with multiple national carriers. Our friendly service staff offers world-class support and any information about your bond is always available to you online 24/7. New bonds may be applied for within minutes online at www.alphasurety.com and in your hands the next business day after approval. We also take all the hassle out of renewals.

Your time is better spent running your business, not wasting it dealing with your bonds. Alpha Surety is your surety solution. Fast. Simple.

Please visit us at www.alphasurety.com, email us at service@alphasurety.com or call Jason Jenkins at 510-435-8425.


American Credit Counselors, Inc.

American Credit Counselors, Inc., provides full-service program support to credit counseling, debt management and debt consolidation organizations. A not-for-profit organization, American Credit Counselors, Inc. has completed a rigorous audit process for accreditation by COA, the most demanding and respected accreditation body in the industry. This accomplishment enables you to outsource your debt management program processing to us with confidence. Our services are delivered by accredited professionals with solid industry experience and reflect best practices in every aspect of the debt management process. The benefits of entrusting your clients to American Credit Counselors, Inc. are many:

• A smooth transitioning of your clients to our debt management program
• Unmatched client retention
• Collection of client payments and timely disbursement to creditors
• Professional creditor negotiations
• Secure, on-line client access to account information
• Unparalleled client service – driven by a 100% client satisfaction standard

Visit the American Credit Counselors, Inc. website at www.acchelp.com


Americorp Inc.

Americorp Inc. provides full-service management and support solutions for credit counseling organizations involved in debt management. Functions performed for companies that have engaged our services include:

• Processing clients’ payments
• Maintaining client databases
• Negotiating with creditors
• Disbursing funds to creditors
• Providing financial reports and analyses
• Offering customer care to program participants

Multiple non-profit agencies operating throughout the country rely on AmeriCorp to free them from costly and complicated processing for clienteles numbering in the tens of thousands. The agencies can now focus confidently on expansion of their counseling and debt-reduction activities. AmeriCorp’s principals stand ready to offer decades of combined experience and professional ethics in a complex and exacting industry.

Please visit our website www.americorp.us or call Timothy McCallan at 1-631-940-2400 x2121.



BenefitsDirect,LLC is the largest company dedicated to providing Enhanced Programs to credit counseling agencies. Headquartered in Palm Springs, Florida, BenefitsDirect,LLC, is endorsed by the NFCC and is also used by many of the largest independent credit counseling agencies in the industry.

BenefitsDirect,LLC has formulated a tailored benefit package specifically designed for credit counseling agencies and their clients. However, each program is personalized to create an exclusive brand for your agency. Our programs have been proven to help agencies generate substantial fee income, attract and retain valuable clients, as well as distinguish themselves from their competition.


Enhancements: Valuable programs designed to help your clients save money and enhance their lifestyles. www.benefitsdirectllc.com/html/enhancements.html

Payment Protection: Your clients can protect their monthly payments if they become unemployed. www.benefitsdirectllc.com/html/payment_protection.html

Online Coupons: Your clients will be able to print valuable coupons right from their computer.

Please visit our website www.benefitsdirectllc.com or email us at tkeller@benefitsdirectllc.com or call toll free at 1-877-744-1359.


The Brainard Group

The Brainard Group is the oldest and largest supplier of automation solutions to credit and debt counseling organizations. With over 500 installations across the US and Canada and more than 20 years supporting customers, The Brainard Group is the first choice of more credit and debt counseling organizations than all other vendors combined. We offer solutions that make sense for anyone from the smallest to the largest offices. To learn more call us at 888/Brainard or www.BrainardGroup.com.


Commercial Credit Counseling

Commercial Credit Counseling Services is a provider of business debt restructuring plans that are carefully designed to meet the needs of both debtors and creditors. We staff veterans of the debt collection and debt restructuring industries and have successfully settled thousands of debts. We have 101 employees in Paramus New Jersey and manage debts for 1500 businesses in the United States.

Please visit our web site at www.dontdeclare.com or call Charles Evans at 1-800-411-1113


Counselors Certification Training


We are a national organization that provides training for Credit Counselors

1. On line Training
2. Classroom Training
3. Correspondence Courses

We have it all: seminars, self study, online CE, custom in-house training, CE vacation getaways and more. No need to go anywhere else for the highest quality and the most competitive price available on training. This program will certify you to provide credit consulting services to your clients. Bankruptcies are at an all time high. As an insurance professional, attorney, CPA or other financial advisor, you owe it to your clients to assist them with their unsecured debt.

Please visit our web site for more information by clicking on the logo or link above or email us at dmc@dmccredit.net or call: 866-827-3784.


Credit Master

Comprehensive & Reliable Debt Management Software solution designed for the credit counseling industry. Built using state of the art technology, CM allows agencies to efficiently manage all aspects of their operations. Over the past twelve years, our company has kept up with all changes affecting the credit counseling industry by providing automated solutions that have helped our customers enroll more clients, lower their operating costs and increase their revenues.

• Real-time access to ALL your data
• User-Friendly windows interface
• State of the Art electronic connectivity through MasterCard and Vanco
• Powerful Reporting capabilities
• Add your own Custom Letters
• And much more…

www.creditmasterforwindows.com / sales@creditmaster2000.com




CreditSoft – Dependable software for Credit Counseling Agencies. Built using cutting edge technology, CreditSoft is a flexible, integrated software-system that ties every department together allowing you to manage more accounts with less effort. CreditSoft empowers debt management agencies with fast access to crucial information and an easy way to perform daily tasks.


Debt Alliance Services, LLC®

Debt Alliance Services, LLC® offers a Money Management Certification Program, entitled; Money, Debt & Credit under the trademark name DebtGuard Management System®. This package has been approved by legal counsel. Click here to see our approval letter.

Incorporating the DebtGuard educational package into your agency would have a significant positive impact on your agency and the maintenance of your agency’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

The DebtGuard package is $8.99, combined with English and Spanish and includes all of the following:

• Personalized Packaging -Agency, name, logo & information
• Educational Book – 10 chapter study guide with certification testing
• Educational CD – 10 study chapters and credit resource center
• Educational Website – 10 study chapters, testing & agency reports
• Workshop Slides – Three courses that cover all 10 study chapters
• Graduate Completion Package – Includes completion certificate, credit reporting cards and a verification letter for lenders
• Agency Reports – Includes dozens of reports that can be submitted with your 990 form showing your educational activity to the IRS
• User Guide – Guides and agency on how to use all of our materials


Please visit our website www.debtalliancellc.com or email us at dennis@debtalliancellc.com or call 1-888-798-3328.




DebtLogic is a credit counseling and debt management software solution designed to maximize revenue opportunities through client retention and fair share preservation. Designed by credit counseling professionals for credit counseling professionals, DebtLogic’s integrated web-based system is truly next generation. The integrated product suite allows for efficient client/DMP processing throughout the organization, while DebtLogic’s 100% browser-based solution enables users to remain on top of industry changes and creditor requirements with one-stop, centralized updates.

Please visit our website www.DebtLogic.com for more information or contact us directly at DebtLogic@integrantinc.com or (858) 457-3200.


HomeSavers USA

Since 1993, this agency has counseled American homeowners when they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage payments. They do not make loans, and do not buy homes. Instead, HomeSavers USA works with the mortgage company to arrange a workout solution suitable for the family budget.

Their competent and caring staff have helped over 16,000 anxious families avoid foreclosure and get back on track. HomeSavers will send these clients on to debt counselors when they need it. Many Aadmo members refer their callers with troubled mortgages to HomeSavers USA. For more Information visit: www.homesaversusa.com or email custserv@homesaversusa.com. 800-452-9572 ext 118.


M Eden Consulting, Inc.

M Eden Consulting, Inc., provides Consulting, Training and Financial Education Services.

Whether you are looking for a small amount of guidance or a turnkey solution from concept and implementation through client support, we have the depth of knowledge to bring results to your organization. Customer Service and attention to detail are paramount within M Eden Consulting Inc. our practical and realistic approach helps deliver your goals.

Consulting and Training Services:

This includes Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance of ISO9001: 2000, Auditor Training Courses, Executive and Middle Management Coaching to Improving Customer Satisfaction. To see our range of consulting and training services click www.medenconsulting.com

Financial Education Seminars:

Our award winning financial education seminars are interactive. Seminar topics range from Clarifying Financial Goals, Budgeting to Identity theft and Credit reports. To see our range of topics click www.medenconsulting.com

To schedule an interview contact us directly at (561) 441-5798.


Intermark Media

Intermark Media is the industry’s premier marketing agency, specializing in attracting qualified consumers for debt relief programs. Intermark Media has been in business for over 5 years, while others have come and gone Intermark has remained the most recognized name for debt lead generation. This is due to our impeccable record for quality, customer service, and innovative thinking that has helped our clients achieve outstanding results with our leads over the long term.

Intermark Media provides both paper and live leads. We market our debt services online to over 100 million consumers each month. And we reach over 80 million consumers on our national TV campaigns. Contact Intermark Media today to learn more about our services toll free at 866-DEBT LEADS (332-8532) or visit our website at www.IntermarkMedia.com


Amerix Corporation

Since its inception in 1997, Amerix’s technology and sound processes have revolutionized the credit counseling industry. Credit counseling agencies are now able to focus on helping and educating consumers to manage their debt responsibly while providing them with the most efficient process to pay back their creditors. Agencies serviced by Amerix utilize a web-based solution that fully integrates debt management plan intake and enrollment, qualification assessment and budget analysis, and client and creditor documents, servicing and database management.

You’ll have access to the most advanced and proven technology in the credit counseling industry, along with the confidence that Amerix is ISO certified. The Amerix platform is designed to be flexible to grow with your business and meet the ever changing industry and state regulatory requirements. Amerix provides a single source integrated processing platform that services all your needs.

• Secure and reliable access through any PC
• Real-time updates to Customer and Creditor records
• Daily ACH payment and creditor disbursements
• Systemic proposal and client correspondence generation
• Secure online interface for DMP enrollment and Client self-servicing 24/7
• Comprehensive reporting and analysis
• And, much, much more…

Visit our website at www.Amerix.com



Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, with offices in Oregon, California, Arizona and Texas, NoteWorld Servicing Center is the largest servicer for specialized payment processing in the nation. As an independent, third-party servicer for the debt solutions industry, we provide your payors with the peace of mind they deserve. NoteWorld collects funds using ACH debit, coupon books, mailed payment advices, PayByWeb and PayByPhone. We disburse funds using printed checks, ACH or wire transfers. You and your customers have 24/7 online account information. And by partnering with us for your payment and disbursement processing, you can focus your time on credit counseling and growing your business.


Vanco Services, LLC

Vanco Services, LLC offers e.service® Electronic Funds Transfer Service as a way to collect payments electronically from clients. It is easy to use, safe, and affordable. There are no minimums and no start-up fees. Receive your payments on time without processing money orders or filling out deposit slips. Use e.service® by Phone and e.service® by Web for additional payment options.

e.service® Disbursement Services consolidates payments through MasterCard RPPS and Visa ePay, lessening the workload for agency personnel while saving fair share. e.service® Disbursement Services also includes EDI (electronic proposals, balance verifications, and program closeouts).