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Press Releases

press-releasesThe American Association of Debt Management Organizations is your source for the most important information about debt management. AADMO news releases are for the use of journalists, writers, editors or anyone else providing the public with authoritative references or information about the economy, credit, credit counseling, debt management, bankruptcy alternatives and budgeting.

News releases disseminated by AADMO may be used in whole or in part in any article, story or other media provided AADMO is referenced as the source of the information and no quotes or data are taken out of the context in which it is provided herein. Citation must read, “Courtesy American Association of Debt Management Organizations – www.AADMO.org”. Any questions regarding use of AADMO news releases or obtaining additional references or quotes should be directed to 540-548-1965, or email us.


Press Release Index Date
American Association of Debt Management Organizations Issues White Paper to the Internal Revenue Service to Protect Tax Exempt Status of Credit Counseling Industry January 13, 2005
Credit Counseling Industry Trade Association Applauds Efforts to Help Credit Counseling Agencies Comply with IRS Tax Exemption Requirements January 6, 2005
How to Find an Authorized Credit Counseling Agency November 19, 2004
Credit Counseling Industry Trade Association Warns Consumers of Dubious Debt Counselors October 16, 2004
AADMO Finds Fatal Flaws in Florida’s Proposed Law Regulating the Industry May 25, 2004
Deputy Assistant Secretary Dan Iannicola, Jr. Speaks at AADMO Conference in New Orleans May 6, 2004
AADMO Provides Research to U.S. Senate for Investigation of Industry March 22, 2004
Bankruptcy Reform Passes U.S. House March 20, 2003
New York Banking Department Issues Final Warning Regarding Licenses March 17, 2003
Holiday Budgeting November, 2001
Coping with Summer Utility Bills July, 2001